You learn something new every day… with the internet

8 Jul

You learn something new every day... with the internet

I can’t believe the woman in this video is in her 60’s! She looks great and I like how she isn’t too pushy or judging when it comes to how other people decide to eat.

When she explained how our dairy products are from a mother cow used to make a baby cow gain a lot of weight in a year it was an eye opener for me. I always knew this was the case, but when phrased in that way it reminded me of the scene in Mean Girls when Regina realises kalteen bars “make you gain weight like crazy.”

I have realised over this week that I can eat lots more fruit than I originally thought and I don’t have to have meat and dairy EVERYDAY! I will try and cut out as much dairy as I can from now on and limit my meat intake, but I also won’t pressure myself to be perfect as everyone is different and everyone’s diet should therefore be different.

This link below explains foods that maybe harmful when consumed raw.

Day 8 –

Breakfast: banana, natural greek yogurt.
Snack: carrot sticks
Snack: apple
Dinner: tuna, salad: pepper, cucumber, mushrooms, lettuce.
Snack: mini-snacks raisins.


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